40th Reunion Photos


From the Party at Lynn Alexander (Schaffarzick)'s Home

(a special thanks to Kenneth & Tammy Daley for all the photos and to Carol Ann Pigg (Moore) for identifying everyone)

Barbara Allen (Kinman) and Suzanne (Bobby) Hand

Jane & Cham Trotter, Bill (Lynn) Schaffarzick, and Ike Trotter playing the piano

Beth & Richard Peterson

Bo (Sally) Buntin, Beverly (Danny) Chewning, J. W. Moore, Jamie Kinman, Bobby Hand, and Bob & Julia Booth

Wayland & Joyce McCool, and Donna Newsome (Stone)

Wade & Becky Wineman, Wayland & Joyce McCool, and Patty Dickerson (Smith)

Vicki (Joe) Bennett, Kay (Gary) Berry, and Lynn Alexander (Schaffarzick)

Bob & Diane Mills, and Glenda Massey (Creery)

Wayland & Joyce McCool, and Beverly (Danny) Chewning

David & Nancy Beckwith, Bob & Julia Booth, and Richard & Beth Peterson

Lydia Vest (Martin) back, William Jones & wife, and Joe Bennett

William Jones, Joe Bennett (back), John Love (back), Kathleen (Al) King,  Ethel Archer (Davis), Al King, and Cham Trotter

James Nowell, (?), and Mary Kennard Hawkins (McEachern)

Glenda Massey (Creery), Patty Dickerson (Smith), and Carol Ann Pigg (Moore)

Carroll Perrett (Putzel), Harry (Judy) Flair, Judy Kolb (Flair), Sherrie McKenzie (Russell), Richard Rhoden, and Elsie Harris (Gordon)

Glenda Massey (Creery), Barbara Williamson, Carroll Perrett (Putzel), Elise Harris (Gordon), Harry (Judy) Flair, and Richard Rhoden

Jack (Marsha) Bishop, Marsha Murphree (Bishop), Lynn Alexander (Schaffarzick), Patricia Jarnigan (Thompson), and Reuben (Patricia) Thompson

Harry (Judy) Flair, Judy Kolb (Flair), Richard Rhoden, and Glenda Massey (Creery)

Barbara Joiner (Raziano), and Ellen Outlaw (McLaurin) and daughter

Lydia Vest (Martin), Hull (Ethel) Davis, Joe Bennett, Mary Katherine Morphis (Adams), Ethel Archer (Davis), and Sally Baskin (Buntin)

Patty Dickerson (Smith), and John Love

Patty Dickerson (Smith), John Love, and Carol Ann Pigg (Moore)

Patricia Jarnigan (Thompson), and Elise Harris (Gordon)

Carol Bethel (Key), Glenda Massey (Creery), Sherrie McKenzie (Russell), and Margaret Kellum (Roberson)

Richard Peterson, David & Nancy Beckwith, and Beth Peterson 

Kay (Gary) Berry, and Vicki (Joe) Bennett

Bob & Julia Booth, and Richard Rhoden

David Beckwith, Wade Wineman, Bob Booth, and Margaret Kellum (Roberson)

Beverly & Danny Chewning

Jamie & Barbara Kinman, Carl (Sarah) McGuire, and Sarah Milliken (McGuire)

Reuben (Patricia) Thompson, Patricia Jarnigan (Thompson), Suzanne (Bobby) Hand, and Janice Lingle (Faust)

Tommy (Margaret) Roberson, Bob Mills, Diane (Bob) Mills, Charlene Holloway (Cormier), and John (Charlene) Cormier

Robbie (Sandra) Bain, Sandra Larson (Bain), and J. D. Campbell 

Ellen Outlaw (McLaurin) with daughter, Butch Thompson, and Barbara Joiner (Raziano)

Linda (Bill) Buchanan, Willard McIlwain, Terry (Lydia) Martin, and Bill Buchanan

Harry (Judy) Flair, and Judy Kolb (Flair)

James Nowell, Carroll Perrett (Putzel), and Alan Smith

Kenneth Daley, and Joyce & Wayland McCool

J. D. Campbell, and Glenda Massey (Creery)

Robert Cunningham, and Bonnie Robertson (Gardner)

Johnny (Mary Katherine) Adams, and Terry (Lydia) Martin

Carol Ann Pigg (Moore), J. W. (Carol Ann) Moore, and James Nowell

Lynn Alexander (Schaffarzick), Sally Baskin (Buntin), and Bo (Sally) Buntin

Stephanie Schutter (Park), Al & Kathleen King, and Gary Berry

Butch Thompson, Gary & Kay Berry, Sandra & Joe Bennett

Jeff and Angeline Nichols, J. D. Campbell

Minnie Bell Brantley (Rhoden), Carol Bethel (Key), and Bob Mills

Jack (Marsha) Bishop

Tommy (Margaret) Roberson, and Margaret Kellum (Roberson)

Wayne Dreher, and Minnie Bell Brantley (Rhoden)

Barbara Woods (Ballard), Carol Ann Pigg (Moore), and Lynn Alexander (Schaffarzick)

Patty Dickerson (Smith) & Pam Pelezo (Coleman)

Diane (Bob) Mills, and Charlene Holloway (Cormier)

Rita Childress (Sheldon), and Lamar Satchfield

Reuben (Patricia) Thompson, Patricia Jarnigan (Thompson), and Joyce & Wayland McCool

Stephanie & Steve Dodd, and Danny Chewning

Darryl (Barbara) Ballard, and Nancy (David) Beckwith

Patty Dickerson (Smith), Kenneth Daley, and Jamie Kinman

Stephanie Schutter (Park), David Beckwith, and Sarah Milliken (McGuire)

Hull (Ethel) Davis, Barbara Woods (Ballard), and Ethel Archer (Davis)

Kenneth Daley, and Stephanie Schutter (Park)

J. W. Moore, Robert Coleman, Bob Mills, Pam Pelezo (Coleman), and Bill & Linda Buchanan

Bonnie Robertson (Gardner), Johnny Blanks, and T. Y. (Bonnie) Gardner

 Lynn Alexander (Schaffarzick), Robert Cunningham, Pam Pelezo (Coleman), and Searcy (Robert) Cunningham


From the Greenville History Museum

Stephanie Schutter (Park), and Becky (Wade) Wineman

Carl (Sarah) McGuire, Sarah Milliken (McGuire), and David Beckwith

Carroll Perrett (Putzel), and Alam Smith

Pam Pelezo (Coleman), and Janice Lingle (Faust)

Harry (Judy) Flair, Judy Kolb (Flair), and Linda Harbison

Lamar Satchfield (back), Richard Rhoden, Minnie Bell Brantley (Rhoden), and Barbara Williamson

Ethel Archer (Davis), Lynn Alexander (Schaffarzick), & Margaret Kellum (Roberson)

Stephanie Schutter (Park), Tammy (Kenneth) Daley, J. W. Moore, Nolan Branton, and Ethel Archer (Davis)

Becky (Wade) Wineman, Sheryl & Gordon Bogen, Alan Smith, and Wade Wineman

Joyce & Wayland McCool

Lynn Alexander (Schaffarzick), Johnny (Mary Katherine) Adams, Bonnie Robertson (Gardner), Patty Dickerson (Smith), Mary Katherine Morphis (Adams), and Barbara Woods (Ballard)

John Love, Pam Pelezo (Coleman), Bob Mills, Stephanie Schutter (Park), and Bill Buchanan

Margaret Kellum (Roberson), Benjy Nelkin, and Lydia Vest (Martin)

Benjy Nelkin, and Al & Kathleen King

Bob Mills, Robert Coleman, Julia (Bob) Booth, and David Beckwith

John Love, J. W. Moore, Bob Mills, and Robert Coleman

T. Y. (Bonnie) Gardner, Bonnie Robertson (Gardner), Patty Dickerson (Smith), Carol Ann Pigg (Moore), Pam Pelezo (Coleman), Johnny (Mary Katherine) Adams, Mary Katherine Morphis (Adams), and Mrs. Tommy Bowen

Joyce (Wayland ) McCool, Kenneth Daley, and Wayland McCool

Carol Ann Pigg (Moore), Bill Buchanan, Barbara Woods (Ballard), Marsha Murphree (Bishop), and (?)

Tommy Bowen, Jimmy Nunnery, Bob Mills, J. W. Moore (back), Steve Dodd, and Lea (Jimmy) Nunnery

Linda Harbison, Patty Dickerson (Smith), Pam Pelezo (Coleman), Carol Ann Pigg (Moore), Bill Buchanan, and Barbara Woods (Ballard)

Bonnie Robertson (Gardner), Ethel Archer (Davis), Lydia Vest (Martin), Hull (Ethel) Davis, and Margaret Kellum (Roberson)

Glenda Massey (Creery), Pam Pelezo (Coleman), and Carol Bethel (Key)

Harry (Judy) Flair, and Barbara Williamson

Margaret Kellum (Roberson), Tommy (Margaret) Roberson, Al King, and Lamar Satchfield 

Lydia Vest (Martin), and Lynn Alexander (Schaffarzick)

Mary Katherine Morphis (Adams), Julia & Bob Booth, Johnny (Mary Katherine) Adams, and Janice Lingle (Faust)

Tommy Bowen & wife, J. W. Moore, Carol Ann Pigg (Moore), and Wade Wineman

Lamar Satchfield & Patty Dickerson (Smith)

Janice Lingle (Faust), John Love, Lamar Satchfield, Bill Buchanan, and Patty Dickerson (Smith)

Lea (Jimmy) Nunnery, Ramsey Russell, and Jimmy Nunnery

Patty Dickerson (Smith) and Wayland McCool

Wade Wineman, and Gordon & Sheryl Bogen


From the Dance



What a fine looking group!

Darryl & Barbara Woods (Ballard)

Ellen Outlaw (McLaurin), and Barbara Joiner (Raziano)

MC:  Cham Trotter,  Athletes:  Front Row:  Robert Cunningham, Butch Thompson,, Ramsey Russell, David Beckwith, Jimmy Little, Dave Dunaway, Robert Coleman, John Love, James Nowell, and Tommy Bowen  Back Row:  Bill Buchanan, Jamie Kinman, J. W. Moore, Bob Mills, and Bobby Hand

MC: Cham Trotter, Cheerleaders:  Patty Dickerson (Smith), Lydia Vest (Martin), Pam Pelezo (Coleman), & Mary Katherine Morphis (Adams)

Becky & Wade Wineman, and Robert & Searcy Cunningham

William Jones, Sally Baskin (Buntin), and Bo (Sally) Buntin

Terry (Lydia) Martin, and Lydia Vest (Martin)

Johnny (Mary Katherine) Adams, and Jane (Cham) Trotter

Kenneth Daley, Joyce & Wayland McCool, and Bonnie Robertson (Gardner)

J. W. Moore, Carol Ann Pigg (Moore), Patty Dickerson (Smith), Glenn (Patty) Smith, Barbara Williamson, and Marsha Murphree (Bishop)

Sol (Carroll) Putzel, Sarah Milliken (McGuire), Harry (Judy) Flair, Richard Rhoden, and Carl (Sarah) McGuire

Butch Thompson & wife, Ramsey (Sherrie) Russell, and Sherrie McKenzie (Russell)

Jimmy Little & friend, John (Charlene) Cormier, Pam Pelezo (Coleman), Charlene Holloway (Cormier), Diane (Bob) Mills, Barbara Joiner (Raziano), Robert (Pam) Coleman, and Ellen Outlaw (McLaurin)

Pam Pelezo (Coleman), John (Charlene) Cormier, Robert (Pam) Coleman, Barbara Joiner (Raziano), Diane (Bob) Mills, Ellen Outlaw (McLaurin), Bob Mills, Bobby Hand, and Jamie Kinman

Joe Bennett, Tommy Bowen & wife, Kenneth Daley, Wayland & Joyce McCool, Jimmy Little & friend, Pam Pelezo (Coleman), John (Charlene) Cormier, and Charlene Holloway (Cormier)

Jamie Kinman, Johnny Blanks, Barbara Allen (Kinman), Lea (Jimmy) Nunnery, Jimmy Nunnery, (?), and Beverly (Danny) Chewning

Vicki & Joe Bennett

Sol (Carroll) Putzel, Carroll Perrett (Putzel), and Kathleen & Al King

Sally Baskin (Buntin), Bo (Sally) Buntin, and Joyce & Wayland McCool

Tammy & Kenneth Daley

Mary Katherine Morphis (Adams), John (Charlene) Cormier, Jane (Cham) Trotter, and Bill (Lynn) Schaffarzick

Sandra Larson (Bain), and Robbie (Sandra) Bain

Cham Trotter, and Barbara Joiner (Raziano)

Mary Katherine Morphis (Adams), and Johnny (Mary Katherine) Adams

Margaret Kellum (Roberson), Tommy (Margaret) Roberson, and Lynn Alexander (Schaffarzick)

Cham Trotter, and J. W. Moore

Jimmy Little, Bonnie Robertson (Gardner), Cathy Noel (Ellsworth), Bobby Hand, and Ether Archer (Davis)

 Patty Dickerson (Smith), and Bobby Hand